The Church in Augusta, Georgia …just one church in each city


Welcome from the church in Augusta!  Our site briefly addresses our beliefs, history, times of gathering, and contact info, but more importantly, we hope it reveals our heart to share our love for Jesus and to care for the oneness of the Body of Christ according to the New Testament.  Regardless of your present considerations concerning Christ and the church, we hope you will find our message warming, inviting and encouraging.

Essentially, we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and have personally received Him as our Savior.  As born again believers, we rejoice to have received regeneration by the Father’s divine life, experienced cleansing by the blood of Jesus, God’s Son, and realized the filling of the Holy Spirit.  This marvelous event has changed our lives.  Because we now love Him, we desire to serve Him and only Him.

Furthermore, like all genuine believers, we hold up the Holy Bible as God’s Word.  By prayerfully reading it,  we can receive revelation concerning God  and His eternal purpose.  In order to carry out His purpose, we seek His leading in every aspect of our lives according to His divine Word.

Since we, along with all born again believers in Christ, are members of His one Body, we also endeavor to live our church lives according to the New Testament.  In order to practice the oneness of the Body with all christians in Augusta, we meet as the church in Augusta as patterned in the New Testament where each city had one church (the believers in Corinth met with the church in Corinth, the believers in Ephesus met with the church in Ephesus, and so on).  We participate in fellowship with over 2,000 of these New Testament local churches in cities worldwide to express the one Body of Christ.